• Tips on how to make homework stress-free!
• Finding the most effective way to involve parents and children in the homework.
• Practical ideas for helping children to complete homework assignments successfully.

Homework is important because it can improve children’s thinking and memory. It can help them to develop positive study skills and habits that will serve them well throughout their lives. It can encourage them to use time well, learn independently, and take responsibility for their work.

But helping children with their homework benefits the family as well. It can, for example, be a way for families to learn more about what their children are learning in school and an opportunity for them to communicate with their children, teachers, and principal as well.

Anita Verma is an accomplished author, who had written books on child development. She is somebody who is well-appreciated for her counseling sessions. She is highly inspired by her younger daughter. Kids always remind her of a Quote by Sam, “Don’t watch the clock; Do what it does. Keep going.”



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Book:Recipe for Stress-Free Homework: Learn how to make homework honey for your kids

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