This book will enable you to start a profitable e-commerce business in 30 days or less and earn a five-figure monthly income even if you know nothing about marketing, conversions, or user experience.

By avoiding the 5 Money Murdering Mistakes & applying the principles in this book,you will start converting from day one, and existing businesses can 4X conversions.

The strategies shared in this book are guaranteed tooutrun all your competition online. It doesn’t matter what you’re selling; these universal strategies work for everyone.

Founder & Principal Designer at Flying Saints UX Agency, Gurpreet Bhatia is a sought after e-commerce consultant and a certified usability analyst.

He has coached hundreds of business owners (including those in the 100 Cr club) and marketing experts, as well as mentored a number of e-commerce CEOs.

He has helped hundreds of clients successfully launch and run their e-commerce websites globally with exponential profits.

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Book:Money Making Websites: A Step by Step Guide to Scale Your Online Business by 400%

Author:Gurpreet Bhatia



Publisher:Pendown Press

Number of Pages:42


Edition:First Edition

Publishing Year:2022

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