An Innovation That Will Thrill The Footwear Industry With Joy

Innovations in Footwear Industry is one of the fabulous gifts that our technology has given us in this new age. Amazing tools and techniques not only make our products more durable and robust but they are economic and accomplished faster also.

As such it is the natural secret desire of all Footwear Factories to migrate from solvent adhesives to water-based adhesives.

This is not just a book but rather your practical guide to set you to successfully migrate to Water-based adhesives thus avoiding the big risks attached to solvents. This book will unlock the mystery of perfect sole-attaching and pre-treatments thereby showing you the right path of becoming your factory a solvent-free unit. You will DISCOVER

Explanation of basic facts including the technical aspects of this innovation.

Different kinds of soling materials including bonding technologies.

Control mechanism, failure mode, and documentation of results of water adhesives.

How to make footwear production more eco-friendly and reduce the pollution caused due to solvent adhesives?

How to have productions safer and eliminate the risk of Fire Hazards?

How to make the factories safer by eliminating free-flowing toxic solvents in the air for hygiene for everyone inside the factories?

How to meet the ever-increasing expectations of the brands & buyers for compliances?

How to reduce the manpower and find an easier way to apply adhesives?

How to reduce the overall cost of the company and make it more profitable?

An experienced Entrepreneur and a Gluing Automation Expert, Amit Bajoria heads the Company Intercom Skicorp which is a global leader in Water-based Adhesives & Spray Systems. He has successfully implemented Water-based adhesives in over 2000 factories in 20 different countries

Product Details

Book:Migrating Smoothly to Water Based Adhesives: Unlocking the Mystery of Prefect Sole Attaching & Pre-Treatments

Author:Amit Bajoria


Binding:Perfect Binding

Publisher:Pendown Press

Number of Pages:95


Edition:First Edition

Publishing Year:2023

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