One night in the summer, at 2 am and I was giggling your name. Three words on the tip of my tongue. I really thought you were my four-ever and more. It was your birthday the 5th day of June. Six pages in my diary that day which I wrote about you. 777…I thought of it as a sign. I dreamed of us in a boat in the lake playing cards. you pulled out an 8-numbered card and my cards were all jokers. For a while, I was on cloud 9. I wanted to yell out that I loved you 10,000 times.

One day in the winter it all changed. 2 am was full of crying and the three words no longer sounded true. It turned from four-ever to never-ever, we couldn’t proceed for five minutes without bickering. The six pages made my heart crumple and it only took seven days for everything to change. Eight unread texts begging you to stay. I fell from cloud 9 and drowned in the very same lake we once played cards in.

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Book:Memories Burnt on Paper

Author:Shriya Chaturvedi


Binding:Perfect Binding

Publisher:Pendown Press

Number of Pages:70


Edition:First Edition

Publishing Year:15 March 2023

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