While 20 years back, couples fully trusted and booked their honeymoons through travel agents, who hardly travelled and hardly knew anything about the destinations, today, that has literally turned seems to know everything about destinations, as well as how to book almost everything online. This is especially true for young couples, who want to be in full control of their trip, and in fact crave for the sense of power and gratification that designing their entire Honeymoon gives them.

This new found power has actually led to a lot of couples making a ton of mistakes while planning their special once in a lifetime trip. The funny thing is, that on Facebook and other social media, you only get to see smiles laughter and stunning moments. The successes are all up there, but just behind them lie the many failures and mistakes. It is only when clients come back to discuss their next trip, that we get to know about their honeymoon disasters.

This set me thinking, and finally led to my writing this book about 20 disastrous mistakes that couples make while planning their honeymoon. The aim of this book is to take you on a fun ride, and give you a solid manual and guide to make your honeymoon perfect in every detail. If you want your honeymoon to be made in heaven, you really need to read this book.

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Book:Marriages Are Made in Heaven Honeymoons Are Made in Hell: 20 Disastrous Mistakes That Couples Make While Planning Their Honeymoon

Author:Ashish Sapra



Publisher:Pendown Press Powered by Gullybaba Publishing House Pvt. Ltd.

Number of Pages:31


Edition:First Edition

Publishing Year:2019

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