An Injury is merely a comma, it’s not a full stop!
With this book, you can get back to your GAME & LIFE in just 3 MONTHS!
It is a detailed comprehensive guide for all sportspersons (& other people) that will teach you

• The Basics of ACL & ACL Injuries
DOs & DONTs Immediately After Injuries
• The Dangers of Ignoring Your ACL Injury
• The Need for & Types of ACL Surgeries
• Choosing the Right Surgeon
Healing Your ACL Without Surgery
• Recent Advancements in Arthroscopy and Their Benefits
• The Right Rehabilitation Protocol

Go, climb that mountain, grab that medal, run that marathon, dance for joy, have fun, and excel at your game.
Dr. Bora & his team are here to facilitate your healing and have you back in the game and mainstream life IN JUST 3 MONTHS!!!

An expert arthroscopic surgeon Dr. Manu Bora is also a sports medicine specialist. He is among the few surgeons in Delhi NCR who perform the All inside ACL/PCL reconstruction and Repair with FiberTape Internal Bracing. Also, he has mastered regenerative medicine, cartilage transplant, knee multi ligament surgeries, complex shoulder and Ankle surgeries.

Apart from Dr. Bora, this book benefits greatly from contributions by Co-authors Dr. Prithviraj Deshmukh (an Ortho biologics & pain-management expert), Dr.Akhil Agnihotri (A Sports Medicine Specialist), Dr.Manasee Gulati (an Advanced Orthopaedic Rehabilitation Specialist & Mr. Arya Bhatt, a Popular Fitness Model & Yoga Facilitator.

Product Details

Book:Heal Your ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) : Don’t let Your ACL Injuries Put a Full Stop to Life & Winning

Author:Dr. Manu Bora



Publisher:Pendown Press

Number of Pages:202



Publishing Year:2024

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