“With deep financial insights on the dynamics of global markets, this book is a financial gem!”
~ Shekhar Jain, Founder, Ontrust Capital

With these kinds of reviews from Industry Leaders, this book is pure gold for finance professionals in the early stages of their careers, especially those who aspire to be global fund managers and investors who wish to build a global portfolio by investing wisely in emerging markets after analysing their GDP.

As Prof. Dr. Soheli Ghose, Dean, Commerce Faculty, at the prestigious St.Xavier’s College, says, “A very well written book covering the major aspects of the Indian Financial Scenario accurately. A must-read for researchers, academia, and market operators.”

This unique book written in clear & easy language gives people a unique regression model they can use easily and simply to analyse the factors impacting GDP and long-term stock market returns.

This book fosters a global mindset amongst its readers and empowers them to think and act like Global Fund Managers to invest globally successfully.

This book is unique as it :
Shows you how to earn by investing in global financial markets using GDP analysis and forecasting.
Teaches you to think like a Global Fund Manager.
Covers major aspects of the Indian Financial Scenario accurately.
Is Industry relevant yet valuable to everyone.
Is crisp and to the point; it delivers critical information minus the hype.
Shows how GDP-driven data can tell you much more than mere production numbers.

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Book:Global Market, Great Returns: Know, Invest, & Multiply Your Money

Author:Sarvesh Ghoriwala



Publisher:Pendown Press Powered by Gullybaba Publishing House Pvt. Ltd.

Number of Pages:36


Publishing Year:2021

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