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Ar. Rohit Nagia is North India’s leading Architect with multiple projects in Delhi, Rajasthan, Assam and Gujarat. He graduated from the prestigious college of architecture C.E.P.T. Ahmedabad in 1997.

Ar. Rohit was responsible for the design of a lot of portions of the campuses of IIM Indore, Medical Council of India, Delhi and IIT Gwalior and was also directly responsible for designing parts of IIT Gwalior and IIT Delhi when he was associated with the prestigious architectural and UD firms of M/S Suresh Goyal and Associates as Principal Architect in his initial years.

He founded Metricchant Design Attributes in 2001 with his wife, also a graduate from C.E.P.T. in interior designing. Together, they have been Apeksha Nagia pursuing their passion for design since. He has served more than 370 clients till date. Rohit’s work is Pure Greenacular (Green+ Vernacular). Mr Nagia strongly believes that a building must perform and pay back to the client.

This book throws light on the importance of choosing a (right) architect. With case studies, the impact of choosing an inferior architect is mentioned.
The book revolves around
(A) Why do you need an efficient and effective architect?
(B) What is the result you should want from your architect?
(C)  What must be your top concern while creating your new Urbane HQ?

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Book:Creating Urbane HQ’s: The 1st Step

Author:Rohit Surendra Nagia



Publisher:Pendown Press Powered by Gullybaba Publishing House Pvt. Ltd.

Number of Pages:31



Publishing Year:2020

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