Infrastructure is the backbone of the Indian economy. Prominent government and private projects must progress continuously and be completed on time; otherwise, crores and crores of rupees go down the drain.

Geotechnical issues are the most significant deterrents to the timely completion of projects leading to considerable losses.

Site-specific geotech solutions for soil (geo) issues for various sites for drains, slopes, bridges, roads, and buildings are essential because every construction site is unique with its own geological, hydrological and environmental conditions.

This book shows you how to 5X your profits while delivering projects on time (Case studies & testimonials included) by choosing geotech solutions tailored to the construction site’s specific conditions, leveraging the most advanced technology and multi-faceted engineering seamlessly integrated into one solution.

A mechanical engineer with, MBA and now pursuing a doctorate, the author believes in constant learning and loves innovative and environment-friendly technologies. He has worked with various government departments like the Indian Railways, Coal India, Roadways, Refineries, Irrigation, etc. The author strives to provide the best value for money and make customers happy as they grow.

Simplified Product selection Manual&super benefits for different sites in Government departments.
~ SK. Tiwari, Railways (Engineering department)

Wonderful tips and tricks mentioned in the book changed our way of working. I love how this book breaks everything down into manageable steps.
~ Ratul Garai, Director Carry Construction Construction West Bengal

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Book:Contractor’s Guide to Site Solutions: A Sip-by-Sip Guide to Product Selection

Author:Prashant Kabra


Binding:Perfect Binding

Publisher:Pendown Press

Number of Pages:65


Edition:First Edition

Publishing Year:12 March 2023

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