The book contains all the information about Pre Engineering Building(PEB). Right from history of PEB, common myths about PEB to the PEB market in the world, and India’s potential in PEB, everything is discussed minutely and effectively. Apart from these, the benefits of Preengineering buildings are comprehensively covered. The major difference between a PEB and traditional buildings is also given so that its readers could know for sure what is better for them and why. Right from

The information, to language, everything is as it should be. All these things make this book a must‐buy for the readers.

VEKAS BHATIA is a mechanical engineer by education and an industrialist by profession. His journey as an industrialist started when he was in college. Creative engineering is his passion. He started his career with the manufacturing of steel and then lately extended his expertise from steel production to the consumption of steel in the form of steel fabrication.

Creativity excites him a lot. From predesigned automotive earthmoving parts, he extended his creativity towards the powered pre‐engineering building industry.

Every morning, he wants to feel excited about the value that he has added to people’s life. Today, when he visits his creation, it excites him and gives him Goosebumps knowing that humanity is getting values with ease to use efficient products in his buildings.

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Book:Common Myths About Powered Pre Engineering Buildings: A Step-by-Step Guidance to Make Your Building a PowerHouse

Author:Vekas Bhatia


Binding:Perfect Binding

Publisher:Pendown Press

Number of Pages:50


Edition:First Edition

Publishing Year:2020

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