The Book, packed in 10 chapters, provides in-depth and detailed information on different aspects of Cow Wealth. Cow is the only living being which intakes oxygen and emits oxygen and the animal is a hospital in itself. According to a Russian scientist, coating the walls of the house with cow dung will protect the inhabitants from radiation. In addition to these, the cow, through its horns, absorbs “cosmic” energy.

The Issues such as: Cow and Religion, Cow — A Moving Wealth, Cow Menace, Vigilantism and Violence, Cow Shelters are Becoming Cow Killers, Conserving Indigenous Cattle Breeds, Improving Feed and Fodder Resources, Scientific Approach to Improve Productivity and Way forward to Revive Cattle Wealth, which the cattle lovers across the country are facing for long, have been covered in the book.
Cow journey from ‘Gaumata to Menace to Violence’ is a big setback to the country. Rural economy (particularly dairy farmers) is badly affected. Violence in the name of cow protection has hurt sentiments of dairy farmers and is a shame to the country. The situation is becoming bad to worse to worst over the years. Time is to wake up now.

The book will be of Immense value to policymakers, programme planners, public and private sectors, NGOs, social workers, environmental workers, educationists, developmental departments and dairymen who never dream to see cow on street feeding on garbage as “A Gaumata of Ancient India”.

Dr. K P Agrawal obtained his Bachelor of Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry (1968) and Master of Veterinary Science (1972) from the Veterinary College, Mathura and Doctorate (1980) from Indian Veterinary Research Institute (IVRI), Izatnagar. He had a humble beginning of his research/teaching career as a demonstrator in the Physiology Department at the Veterinary College, Mathura.

Since then, he has been working in different capacities:

as research assistant; senior research assistant; scientist; senior scientist at IVRI, Izatnagar; associate research scientist/associate professor/research scientist at the Veterinary College, Gujarat Agricultural University, Gujarat; and scientist-S3/principal scientist/head of the division at the Central Institute for Research on Goats, Makhdoom. He assumed the responsibility of the National Coordinator of the World Bank-aided National Agricultural Technology Project (NATP) on 1st April, 1999. As a follow-up of the NATP, he continued as the National Coordinator of another World Bank-aided project, the National Agricultural Innovation Project (NAIP) before he retired in July, 2007.

Dr Agrawal has authored 30 books and his literary works that include but not limited to chapters in books, monographs, bulletins, etc. are published by as many as 350 publications. He received several awards/honours during his academic and research career. After retirement, he worked as a Senior Consultant in World Bank-supported Projects, such as the “Water Sector Restructuring Project” in Madhya Pradesh, “Rajasthan Agricultural Competitive Project” in Rajasthan and “National Agricultural Innovation Project” in Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR). He also authored two books (1. Water “The Elixir of Life” is endangered and 2. Delhi — A Role Model of Urban India) after retirement. Currently he is an independent consultant in research and developmental programmes in agriculture and allied sectors in the country.

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Book:Cattle Wealth – A Journey from Gaumata To Menace to Violence

Author:Dr. K.P. Agrawal



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Edition:First Edition

Publishing Year:2019

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