Love, pain, sorrow, tears, happiness, anger, loneliness, fear, etc. are the different emotions of human life and every human has different feelings from one point in time to another. Here in this book, these different emotions are threaded together in the form of poems and short stories. For some, it is an inspiration whereas for some it is the truth of life. With this beautiful book, we have tried to compile various realities with never-ending imaginations. This book has given words to the feelings that we usually do not express.

This book is the compilation of various creative, romantic, and adroit minds in the form of their feelings and experiences. While reading this book, the readers will come across a variety of writings. In this book, the readers will find a dramatic love story preceded by a painful poem and followed by a horror story. In fact, the terrific roller coaster of this book is what gives it a decisive edge over thousand others.


Product Details

Book:By You, For You: A Creative Collection

Author:Sofiya Shahiwala


Binding:Perfect Binding

Publisher:Pendown Press

Number of Pages:112


Edition:First Edition

Publishing Year:1 January 2018

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