Crane Terminology: Understand the terms used in cranes, enhance your knowledge, and make informed decisions.
Right Selection: Determine the most suitable type of crane for your application, and create detailed specifications for your purchase.
Cost Savings: A 4-step framework to help you reduce costs.

Avoid Mistakes: Prevent common buyer errors that lead to wasted money.
Installation & Upkeep of Cranes: Explore various methods and procedures for crane installation and maintenance to assist you.

With 10,000+ Crane installations and 60+ years of cumulative experience, Rohit Goel is on a mission to educate and free the hardships of the Project Managers and Factory Owners. This book aims to guide buyers in selecting the right crane or hoist, dispelling misconceptions, and providing layman-friendly information. It is recommended for design engineers, civil engineers, factory owners, purchase managers, and maintenance personnel involved in crane selection, building design, expansion projects, negotiations, or seeking general knowledge about cranes and hoists. Avoid unnecessary expenses and difficulties by making informed decisions with this book.

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Book:Buyers Guide For Cranes And Hoists: Do Not Buy A Crane Before Reading The 4 Step Framework

Author:Rohit Goel


Binding:Perfect Binding

Publisher:Pendown Press

Number of Pages:106


Edition:First Edition

Publishing Year:26-09-2023

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