Succession Planning Doesn’t Just Happen; Succession Planning is built through a Systematic program, Called the “100 YEARS LEGACY MODE.

The objective of the book is to introduce Succession Planning for Super Business Growth with Family Alignment for the long-term success of family businesses.

Succession planning is critical in family businesses, where the transition of leadership & ownership from one generation to the next can be complex and emotional.

Key considerations for succession planning in family businesses are to start early, involve the family, Consider all options, develop a plan for leadership development, and address estate planning and tax issues. This book shows how you can easily navigate this complex process, leaving nothing to chance.

The Case studies cited in this book will help you make your next move….

Rakesh Sharma is on a quest to help family business owners build lasting legacies. He works with a select group of family businesses to help them get clear on their Succession. He is the creator of the ‘100 Years Legacy Model‘ program for family businesses, which provides practical tools to help family businesses be healthier.

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Book:Black Box Succession: The Surprising Truth About Family Business

Author:Rakesh Sharma


Binding:Perfect Binding

Publisher:Pendown Press

Number of Pages:82


Edition:First Edition

Publishing Year:4/20/2023

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