In “Beyond the Busyness,” the author delves into the entrepreneur’s voyage, highlighting their zeal to match multinational giants. Drawing from 30+ years in the field, they navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship – cash flows, marketing, team management – with a personal touch. Through firsthand experience, the author underscores the pitfalls of micromanagement and its toll on health and happiness. This book doesn’t just diagnose the issues; it prescribes solutions. By fostering effective teamwork and balance, the author’s mission is to guide entrepreneurs toward prosperous businesses and fulfilling lives. With relatable anecdotes, the book extends a guiding hand to transform businesses and lifestyles alike.

Meet a distinguished Business Efficiency Expert whose influence in the realm of MSME business empowerment is undeniable – Gulshan Gaba. With over 30 years of experience as a Chartered Accountant, Gaba has been a guiding force for esteemed PSUs, nationalized banks, listed companies, and the dynamic MSME sector. Holding diverse roles such as Insolvency Professional, Certified Forensic Auditor, and more, his expertise spans industries, steering both established industry leaders and emerging businesses toward their aspirations. Proficient in Strategic Financial Planning, Business Restructuring, and Corporate Governance, Gaba’s commitment to enhancing financial well-being shines through his written works, training endeavors, and exceptional services.

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Book:Beyond the Busyness : An Ultimate Handbook for MSME’s to Achieve Stress Free Business Growth

Author:Gulshan Gaba



Publisher:Pendown Press

Number of Pages:40



Publishing Year:2023

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