This book is a Jewelry Retailer’s guide to complete success. It gives in-depth info about the types of retail, the challenges encountered and solutions to bypass them.

It shows you how to increase conversions, close more sales and make more profit through understanding & managing the entire retail ecosystem of your customers, inventory, fashion trends and employees better.

Filled with practical guidance and unique sales & marketing strategies, this book is an essential gem for all Diamond Jewelry Retailers.

Mr Tulsyan launched TJ Impex in the year 2000 and has been the key driving force behind the emergence and growth of the company. A visionary at heart with excellence in business management and a deep sense of creativity in jewellery designing, Mr Tulsyan holds an MBA degree and is also a Gci Certified Gemologist.

Mrs Tulsyan is a charismatic and seasoned business leader. She has been instrumental in the company’s growth and setting up scaleable systems and processes to drive finance and operational excellence. Mrs Tulsyan holds a CA degree and is also an IGI Certified Gemologist.

Product Details

Book:Be The Crown Jewel: Your Guide to Becoming the King of Jewellery Retail

Author:Durga & Samir Tulsyan


Binding:Perfect Binding

Publisher:Pendown Press

Number of Pages:128


Edition:First Edition

Publishing Year:25 July 2023

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