This Book is for all young chaps who want to make a career in sales. This is also for all those who are already good at sales, but are stuck in some orbit. In addition to these, the book is also for those who read “sales” in water-tight compartment.The experiences of the author that he has shared in this book will prove to be the treasure trove of learning for both young and experienced salespersons. The book explains in a playful way what the most important things in sales are and how to get mastery over it.

Chander Shekhar Sibal has 3 Decades of experience in Service Sales Marketing & P&L management. He has done PGDM from IIM Lucknow, Noida Campus. As a successful sales person, the author has had the opportunity to meet numerous people who have impacted his thinking in various ways. It is not like that he always wanted to work in Sales or that he flew to the top. Indeed, he too has had his share of ups and downs and he has tried his level best to use each as a stepping-stone for better things. In the healthcare industry, he is known as Medical Equipment Industry Expert.

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Book:10X Your Sales Effectiveness Now: By Tightening Loose Connections

Author:Chander Shekhar Sibal



Publisher:Pendown Press Powered by Gullybaba Publishing House Pvt. Ltd.66

Number of Pages:56


Edition:First Edition

Publishing Year:2020

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