Cancer is such a dreaded disease; the name itself in stills fear!

Oncologists are no less than God and God’s Angels to those afflicted with the disease.

However, the Medical Oncology Practice is fraught with immense pressure, which can affect patient care.

This book offers a miraculous yet practical solution that has the power to turn around Oncology practice and prescription completely!

This Path-Breaking solution will help medical oncologists create BSA-based prescriptions in just 2 minutes flat for the first time ever!

This is not merely a book but a movement to help all Medical Oncologists to join hands and make India:
“The country of 100% Digitized Healthcare Practice and create 100% error-free prescriptions in no time by 2025.”

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Hemang Pajwani is an Instrumentation Engineer by Education, Pharmaceutical Distributor by Profession and “A volunteer Platelets donor” by passion, along with A motivational Speaker for “Donating Blood and Platelets”. Till the date of publication of this book (17/06/2021), he has donated Platelets 178 times and he is resolute to donate till he is able to maintain good health or law of India permits.

Having worked with many Oncologists, Hemang knows how challenging it is for them to create BSA-based error-free prescriptions.

He requests all Medical Oncologists to join hands to Digitize Healthcare for humankind.

And now he is on a mission to make India “The country of 100% Digitize healthcare practice and create 100% error-free prescriptions in no-time by 2025.”

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Book:10X Growth in Your Medical Oncologist Practice

Author:Hemang C. Pajwani



Publisher:Pendown Press Powered by Gullybaba Publishing House Pvt. Ltd.

Number of Pages:52


Edition:First Edition

Publishing Year:2021

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