Any successful business requires a robust ecosystem. This book highlights the reasons for the ecosystem, its impact on the business. The book also specifies the importance of partnership for creating this kind of ecosystem. This book further elaborates on the characteristics of a typical partner. The book gives 10 important ways of identifying a right partner.

The content of this book comes from the personal experience of the author while working with various customers and partners across the globe. While writing the book, the author also consulted some business leaders and shared their life experiences with partnerships.

A must read book for business leaders.

Vivek is an industry veteran with a rich experience of around 25 years. Out of 25 years of working, he has worked for 20 years in corporate. He has worked in various roles in engineering, technology, business, operations etc. He has vast experience of working with multiple customers in India and abroad. He has been instrumental in various strategic deals and operations for the companies he has worked with.

In 2015, Vivek left corporate life and started his entrepreneur journey by starting a venture named Storecheq Innovations Pvt. Ltd. ( The zeal to create simple and easy solution to simplify the lives of people was  the driving force behind this venture. Storecheq is a system which makes the process of business gifting easy, simple, transparent and cost effective.

Vivek also runs a small consulting company named VG consulting. He undertakes projects in the area of Program Management, Enabling the business leaders to achieve their business goals through technology.

Currently he is engaged with a startup in health care helping in building a technology platform which can deliver effective and dignified health care services in villages.

Vivek also mentors students and help them to get ready for their post college life.

He also speaks at different forums.

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Book:Successful Business Through Robust Ecosystem

Author:Vivek Gupta



Publisher:Pendown Press Powered by Gullybaba Publishing House Pvt. Ltd.

Number of Pages:38


Edition:First Edition

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