Priceless secrets to your best life by PoonamKalra
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Stress is the #1 cause of Disease, Death& Relationship Breakdowns!

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Written by an Inspiring Womanwho has held Age Hostage; This book shows you how to live yourBest Life, Stress-Free no matter your age, gender or station in life.

It teaches you how to create all-around 360-degree prosperity in every area of your life with easy to implement tips, tools and techniques.

Unlike other books that focus on one area of your life, this book shows you how to create a Balanced Life to live in complete Harmony.

This book is so full of Positivity that the cover alone is enough to uplift your mood.

In between the covers, the book is filled with Priceless Secrets of Health& Nutrition, Success &Wealth, Mental Health & Peace, Relationships and Personality Development.

A complete Motivational guide, the book offers you priceless nuggets on Confidence-Building, Effective Communication, andPersonal Grooming&Styling.

This Book is Unique as:
It is written by a woman who has shattered all myths & barriers related to age and set an example.
It shares Priceless Secrets on improving every area of your life.
It shares unique tools like the Portable Sauna in thehealth section, Speak out your Anger in the mental wellbeing section, Record yourself in the personal development section.
Everything shared in the book is Result Oriented and Tried & Tested.
The health section is fortified with actual meal plans and easy healthy recipes.

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Poonam Kalra is a popular Youtuber and motivational speaker who is a role model for all ages. She is a huge inspiration as she defies and shatters all myths and barriers related to age. She proves that age is indeed just a number by looking great, being in excellent health and starting a new venture at an age when most people give up on life.

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Book:Live It Up: Priceless Secrets to Your Best Life

Author:Poonam Kalra



Publisher:Pendown Press Powered by Gullybaba Publishing House Pvt. Ltd.

Number of Pages:99



Publishing Year:2021

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