This book is a great compilation of superbly written strategies for minimizing toxic emotions and maximizing positive ones. This book succinctly talks about the 7 Secrets to earn money and improve the quality of your life, no matter how precarious your financial condition is, or how wretched your overall life has become. The book talks about the pre-conceived beliefs that stop men and women from achieving career and life-related goals and also suggest the way out to get over these beliefs and accomplish goals. The book will enable readers to think afresh, without being carried away by past failures, and live up to their highest expectations for life.

Pritesh Shah is a passionate businessman, dream-fulfilling expert, and personality performance coach. Though he is a Civil Engineer by qualification, he feels more than that, much more. Following his engineering skills, he joined a construction business that went on for nine years. There was a constant belief in the author that said something was missing. So, following that belief, he started taking Transformation Courses. As he completed them, he got to know: what he loves the most is learning and teaching new things to make a DIFFERENCE. For 20 years, he has been following his passion for making a difference via Direct Selling and Performance Coaching. He has learned beautiful things from experts like Shiv Khera, Darren Hardy, and many more.

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Book:From Homemaker to Homepreneur: 7 Secrets to Earn Money & Improve the Quality of Your Life

Author:Pritesh Shah



Publisher:Pendown Press Powered by Gullybaba Publishing House Pvt. Ltd.

Number of Pages:38


Edition:First Edition

Publishing Year:2020

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