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How to have victory over vocabulary


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Book                          :   How to have victory over vocabulary

Author                     :       A.R. UGANWI

ISBN                         :         978-93-88149-96-9

Binding                   :         Paperback

Publisher                :         Gullybaba Publishing House Pvt. Ltd.

Number of Pages  :         160

Language                 :         English

Edition                      :         2019

Publishing Year    :         2019

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5 in stock

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How to have victory over vocabulary

About the Book

Basically, the book, How to Have Victory over Vocabulary, primarily seeks to guide a learner about how to learn, retain and recall the learnt words, idioms and phrases by applying a unique technique of memorising them. It is attained by visualising or framing an image of what the words exactly mean. Another technique pertains to associating the learnt words to any famous person, a memorable event, or an important occasion, etc. Many impressive words explained in an alphabetical order with their meanings (in English and Hindi). Examples are also given to help the students substantially improve their vocabulary with ease. Exercises followed by the explanations provide enough room for their practice. The book illustrates various types of memory and other tips to memorise the words. Besides being beneficial for all those who have offered to study English as their main subject at school or college level, it is also useful for the candidates preparing for various competitive examinations.



About the Author

Born in Kolkata, Atiqur Rahman Uganwi, an M.A. (English) from Sridhar University, has the honour of authoring eight books on various subjects, including English language. He has also contributed several articles on Indian Diaspora and miscellaneous topics in English language to a Bangkok-based monthly magazine, ‘Global Indian Origin’. Besides authoring books, he has also edited several books and articles, making them publication worthy.

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