Planning the perfect wedding minus the stress?
Don’t laugh— It’s possible!

This book is your practical guide to a carefree, well-planned & executed, joyous wedding that you will treasure as memories for years to come. It will help you identify the main pain areas, the patterns, the pitfalls, and the corrective steps needed to bypass these pitfalls at each stage. Don’t let an event that should bring smiles cause you heartburn and high blood pressure — Just follow the sequence and strategies, and take the precautions highlighted in this book; not only will you save a substantial amount of money, but you will have your DREAM WEDDING with ZERO STRESS.

A stupendously successful 4th generation serial entrepreneur in varied sectors such as timber, steel, and FMCG retail,” Vikrant Kuthiala” is currently the proud & privileged owner of VEDASa preferred destination for weddings and events in scenic Jammu. Having successfully hosted 641 events, he knows the ins & outs of the industry and is on a mission to deliver stress-free, memorable weddings

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Book:Marry Me, Memorably!: An Ultimate Guide to Craft Wow Weddings Celebrating Love, Luxury & Life

Author:Vikrant Kuthiala


Binding:Perfect Binding

Publisher:Pendown Press

Number of Pages:85


Edition:First Edition

Publishing Year:9/8/2023

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