New Delhi: The World Book Fair is running in Pragati Maidan in full swing. Pendown Press, widely recognised as the numero uno choice for Businesspersons, has gotten the attention of book lovers across the length and breadth of India and abroad. This publication house comes in the category of rare few publication houses which got the opportunity to launch its book on the opening day of the World Book Fair itself, i.e, 25th of February..

The Major launches of 3rd march, 2023 include many prominent authors from across the length and breadth of India. The launching was conducted at the prestigious place of seminar hall of Pragati Maidan.

Book Launch at Pragati Maidan | Pendown Press

The Major Releases of Pendown were

Pawan Wadhwan’s: Cable Insulation Measurement Secrets Revealed
This book reveals the secret to minimising manufacturing costs, maximising compliance and becoming profitable in an astonishingly small amount of time.

Peyush Bhatia’s: Life Beyond Fears
This book teaches the readers as to how to Unlock the foundation of untapped courage and motivation, Feel the aura of abundance around and achieve what the readers long for, get rid of pressure and shock of fear and Create the life of their wish almost effortlessly.

Jagmohan Singh’s: Financial Freedom with Financial Control
Through the journey of this book, the readers will discover how to make lots of money in business and grow rich by implementing effective cash flow management.

Arun Arora’s: Rebuild
This book addresses almost all the problems that the stationers of today face and provide a clear-cut solution to all these problems.

Sachin Raj Gupta’s: Profitable Plastic
This book teaches you the methodology and sequencing of profitability through effective trend-based purchasing, minimizing unmonitored inventory & liquidating dead money in Plastic Industry.

Poonam Kalra’s: Live It Up & Iconic Living
Live it Up: This book is so full of Positivity that the cover alone is enough to uplift your mood. Between the covers, the book is filled with Priceless Secrets of Health& Nutrition, Success &Wealth, Mental Health & Peace, and Relationships and Personality Development.

Iconic Living: A complete motivational guide, the book offers courageous wisdom and priceless nuggets on the power of nurturing and developing your mind & body to live the best life possible. This book is a celebration of life in the grandest way possible.

Rakesh Sharma’s: Reducing Risk in Business has been so easy
This book, as its author claims, has the potential to present the readers with a sure-fire succession plan that will ensure their legacy for several generations and hundreds of years.

Book Launch at Pragati Maidan | Pendown Press

Book Launch at Pragati Maidan | Pendown Press

Raakesh B Kulwul’s: The Passionate Life
The passionate life, as its author claims, is a blueprint for achieving success and contentment through applying scientific and well-proven ways.

Deepika Chawla’s: Now, Speak Up Lady!
“This book is a must-read for anyone who wants to understand the challenges and triumphs of women throughout history. The author’s research is impeccable, and her writing is engaging and thought-provoking.”

Parveen jagga’s: Ride technology reaps profits
Parveen Jagga is the director of Progressive Footwear and Apparel Private Limited. His book talks about the bounty of benefits that the readers of this book can get.

Sanjay Kumar’s: Just Dominate
This book, as its author claims, contains the surefire ways to dominate in the domain you have chosen for your business. This book has already started getting the attention of book lovers.

Vivek Mehta’s: Khud ko jano dil se
This book is rare of its kind in the sense that it demystifies and simplifies a person. Who am I?, Why do I live? What is the purpose of my life? And gives very cogent and heart-touching answers to all these questions.

Gurpreet Bhatia’s: Money-Making Websites
As its author claims, this book will enable you to start a profitable e-commerce business in 30 days or less and earn a five-figure monthly income even if you know nothing about marketing, conversions, or user experience.

Diya Singhal’s: The Physics of Fun
Combining her research and creativity, the young author of this book has come up with ”The Physics of Fun” to make physics easy-breezy and fun again, not just for herself but for everyone who has ever struggled with these vital concepts that, in truth, impact our lives deeply.

Dr Suresh Bhagia’s: How to Bypass the Bypass Operation

This book will teach you how to romance with your heart by understanding, preventing and reversing heart disease.

Pulkit Jain’s: Booster Shot for your brand
This book will help your MSME transfer into a big company, even MNC. It is a must-have book for all those entrepreneurs who not only dream big but also want to manifest their dream.

Kishore Chainani’s:  anis Be the Outlier
This book, as its author claims, will release the readers’ past conditioning and baggage in this step-by-step guide to taking their career, business, emotional well-being and health to the next level.

In addition to these launches, Pendown Press also announced two awards today— Best Motivational Book and Best Creative Design Innovative Book. Pendown author Rakesh Kulwul’s book The Passionate Life was awarded the Best Motivational Book while Diya Singhal’s book Physics of Fun was selected for the Best Creative Design Innovative Book. Significantly, these awards were announced during the lockdown itself. However, they were distributed today.

The launching ceremony attracted lots of crowds and applause.

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