I totally resonate with what is shared by the author Aaira through her book Self Love: The Power Within You. It’s written in the easiest, lucid, simple manner and it can be understood even by a novice in the spiritual field. Reading this book itself can be an act of self-love and it definitely can make you a better version of yourself. My deep appreciations to this wonderful master Aaira who is courageous to speak the truth.”

Aaira is a distinguished Self-Love Coach and Wellness Consultant. She is a gifted soul with tranquil and mystical persona whose intuitive power, positive energy and practical methods allow her to connect and communicate from her heart, mind and Eternal Spirit. Her soothing sweet voice, brings a natural peaceful effect.

She is India’s leading Self-Love Coach and an expert who has years of professional experience in transforming lives. She has shared her experience and knowledge with thousands of souls including celebrities, corporate leaders, trainers, coaches, authors and artists and extended her energy to heal and transform their life.

Her love for gemstones and creativity in Jewellery designing ,gave birth to her luxurious jewellery brand : Gems of Aaira. She is Founder of the Annant Dhyan Trust,NGO, aim to spread meditation practices and she is the Director of Connectedbeingz : The Wellness Consultancy , pioneering in alternative healing methodology.

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Book:Self Love the Power Within You: Unleash the Power of Self to Create Your Dream Life”

Author:Aaira Kaurr



Publisher:Pendown Press Powered by Gullybaba Publishing House Pvt. Ltd.

Number of Pages:132


Edition:First Edition

Publishing Year:2019

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