Have you burned your fingers? You might have worked with an e-commerce web design company. Maybe a couple, but still No results. You were sold on promises by an existing online store because it just doesn’t sell.

When you started you believed that your online store would become a great source of income. Instead, it has turned into a drain that is constantly swallowing up your money and you feel today that.

Advertising doesn’t work. Marketing doesn’t work. Organic search traffic isn’t working.

People come to your website, but they don’t buy. Or very few buy. You know your product is great and there is great demand for what you’re offering.

Then What’s Wrong? It’s the Conversion

When the visitors don’t have a good experience on your online store, they leave without buying. Only an experienced E-commerce conversion consultant understands the finer details that can have a big impact on your bottom line and I can help you create one.

Founder & Principal Designer at Flying Saints UX Agency, “Gurpreet Bhatia” is a sought-after e-commerce consultant and a certified usability analyst. He has coached hundreds of business owners (including those in the 100 Cr club) and marketing experts, as well as mentored a number of e-commerce CEOs. He has helped hundreds of clients successfully launch and run their e-commerce websites globally with exponential profits

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Book:Money Raining Ecommerce: Secrets to converting 2X more customers without increasing your advertising budget

Author:Gurpreet Bhatia


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Publisher:Pendown Press

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