The Book reveals Six Golden Secrets of selling high value insurance to HNIs with ease as taught in Top Business Schools of the World.
In this book, the Author narrates his years of experience dealing with HNIs, decodes their deep-rooted secret desires and then finally, work out methods to present them offers that are truly “Irresistible, Difficult to ignore or to put them aside.”

The book talks about the various ways you can sell insurance worth Rs. 100.00 cr. (1 Billion) and more to HNIs with ease and adds great value in your personal and professional lives and makes you richer than what you ever imagined. In addition to these, it does also educate you on how to create a permanent place in the hearts of the buyers.

The book lays down a process to help you emerge from the clutches of being an ordinary insurance seller to an extraordinary one.

This is the powerful guide to help insurance sellers achieve their lifetime aspiration and become richer beyond their imaginations.

The book provides training sessions to its readers and educates them on how to sell Rs.100.00 cr (1 Billion) and more. These training sessions will prove to be a thing of beauty that will keep on giving you joy in the coming months, coming years, always. Given below is the format of bonus, exclusively given to the readers of this book:

Bonus for 1000 early subscribers:

1. 2 Free Training Sessions of 2:30 Hrs each by Mr. Randhir
Bhalla–Worth Rs. 43000


2. 2 Free Joint Calls–Worth Rs. Invaluable

This is a limited-time offer; as the day the seat will get filled, then the author will have no option left but to close the offer.

Randhir Bhalla & Associates are Senior Engineers, Chartered and Cost Accountants. Randhir Bhalla is an ASSOCHAM – (New Delhi) and FKCCI (Federation of Karnataka Chamber of Commerce & Industries, Bengaluru).

Product Details

Book:6 Secrets of Selling 100 CR (1 Billion) Insurance to HNIs with Ease: For those who want to become Richer beyond their Imaginations

Author:Randhir Bhalla



Publisher:Pendown Press Powered by Gullybaba Publishing House Pvt. Ltd.

Number of Pages:96


Edition:First Edition

Publishing Year:2020

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