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Book: “Perception’s” by Dr. Roopinder Dogra

Mind Blowing Method On Perception’s

 ‘Perception’ is the ability to see, hear, or become aware of something through the senses. In the literary world, it pertains to the feelings coming out of the core of the heart. Human beings are tender-hearted by nature. They derive their highest level of happiness through the emotions expressed by its heart, which sometimes come out with so much intensity that one wishes to share it with others also. This eventually turns out to be a piece of literature playing a vital role in the service of mankind. The book “Perception’s” by Dr. Roopinder Dogra is also one such masterpiece of literature where she has successfully endeavoured to express her feelings of innermost of her heart in the form of tiny quotes which are bound to leave an everlasting healing effect on the readers.

The quotes included in the book belong to various facets of life, which can be broadly divided into categories of love, life, luck, the policy of life, and inspiration.

On the love front, we can find many quotes that express various aspects of this instinct. In one quote she exclaims, “Love just happens. Doesn’t it…” while in another quote, she exclaims, “Isn’t each one of us yearning for that love. To be loved…. ….”.Also we can see another quote of this category where she exclaims, “Sometimes you end up just feeling that love. But, unable to express it”. About friendship she has exclaimed as, “Great coffee…some good friends…That’s what keeps you going…me going”. The story of love does not generally complete without hiccups, meaning thereby emotional sides of breaking of the heart. We can see a good number of quotes that depict this angle also in this book such as, “Those cracks may bind…But…Do they mold again ever…” or another quote of this category, “Those heartbreaks are lessons learned. That shouldn’t leave anyone bitter eventually….”

As per the findings of human psychology, if our need for love is not filled by our near ones, we search for it outside. This notion has been beautifully depicted in one of the quotes of the book, “Why is it…You tend to cling on to a stranger eventually…. It’s that peace that warmth that you don’t receive from your near ones…”

A good number of quotes are about the policy of life. They range from the beautiful quote, “Sometimes you need to forgive…Just for the peace of others…” to many more, such as, “What’s yours, shall always be….”. Another quote of this book, “Patience always pays…” is very widely used in our day to day conversation.

While giving her views on inspiration front, she exclaims in one of the quotes “Believe in yourself” , which reminds of the great scholar Norman Vincent Peale, whose famous book “The power of positive thinking” starts with these words only. Another quote of the book has also got equal inspirational value which says, “You are no less. Just remind yourself each time, all the time…”

The author of the book Dr. Roopinder Dogra is an obstetrician and gynecologist practicing with the belief in self-love and self-respect. She feels that no medication is more powerful than this healing belief. She is an active writer also on Instagram and Facebook.

This book is a must-read for all those who want to give some soothing material to their souls to achieve the ultimate level of ecstasy. These quotes are so simple worded and small in size that once you start reading them, you cannot leave the temptation of reading more and more quotes at a stretch. They can work as peace-giving tablets for our rippling minds.

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